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Image by Nadine Shaabana

Covid-19 Safety

The Need For Safety During These Times

In response to the Covid-19 contagion, Mourn With Us has created a variety of packages to assist those in mourning.  Our packages provide a safe way for people to grieve and mourn together while maintaining social distancing.  The ability to social distance is severely impaired when people are in deep mourning and grief.  

Mourn With Us has created alternatives for the way funeral events and celebrations of life are held.  They can be held in part in a funeral home and online or completely online, which right now is a choice several may choose to make.  Remote online memorials and online celebrations of life for those who are grieving at this time is a choice a family can make when they do not choose to share the moment in the funeral home with others or if a family chooses to not set food in a funeral home.  This alternative can be conducted in your homes(s), in multiple locations, with as many people as you choose.  This type of event can also be done at a later time.   


The Need For Simplicity and Ease

With all the stress, the disruption and the separation in everyone's lives, Mourn With Us has taken the work out of figuring out how to do a completely online funeral event.  Mourning, grieving and remembering loved ones brings with it special considerations that we have already figured out for you.  You don't need to figure out the nuts and bolts of holding your online funeral event.  We have done it for you.

During your time of grief and transition, let us handle as much of this online event organization as possible.  We walk you through everything to hold your online event so that together we create the event that suits your needs and your budget.  Contact Us to inquire about special pricing and discounts for individuals or to inquire how we can work with your Funeral Home providing discounted services to help people with the key event that is often needed for closure and nurturing people through their journey of grief.   


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