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Our Offerings

We offer our streaming platform for Individuals who want to hold their funeral related events such as an online viewing or a celebration of life; and for Funeral Homes who regularly hold funeral events.  We have two categories of service offerings - for Individuals and for Funeral Homes.  There are different programs offered in each category. 

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
For Individuals

Single Use - Regular

Single Use - Covid 19 Prevention 

Affiliate Program

Please contact us to see a Demo and find out more about each program, packages and pricing. 

For Individuals and Funeral Homes, we are offering significant discounting and free services to those in need on a case by case basis.

For Funeral Homes


Affiliate Program

Partner Program

Covid 19 Prevention Prevention

Please contact us to see a Demo and find out more about all of our programs, packages and pricing.

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