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We Are Here With You

These are extraordinary times we are living in, with upheavals and changes happening at a rapid pace.  All the feelings and emotions people are having are heightened much more in the current Covid-19 environment.   It is necessary to make it simple and easy for everyone, individual and businesses, during these collective moments of change, of transition and grief, especially if people are prevented from being physically present.  We are committed to providing a convenient and inclusive online streaming experience. The quality of what each of us does is dependent on the quality of the support we receive. This is about support, on top of support, on top of support.  That multi-layered concept guides how we work and the choices we make to ensure all the layers of support are strong. We create a cascade of support for you and for those in mourning.  Online bereavement event planning and management is what we have for you.  

Support In Times of Grief


We know you are already extremely capable at filling the immediate needs of others who have recently been affected by loss.  Someone needs to be in your corner supporting you. We want to be in that corner. We want to help you be the best at what you do, enhancing what is already in place.

Grief Support in 2020


These are challenging times with so much change and upheaval happening everywhere.  Everyone is facing intensified change which translates into intensified grief.  More than ever now, people need things to be simple and easy as they navigate their way through the complexity of changes, choices and emotions they are dealing as a result of the Covid-19.  The greater the complexity and intensity in our world today, the simpler we make it for all in our environment.

Grieving Identity Types


The 5 Ways We Grieve: Finding Your Personal Path to Healing After The Loss of a Loved One - is a book written by Susan Berger.  Berger outlines 5 identify types that represent different ways of grieving a loss.  The 5 types are Nomads, Memorialists, Normalizers, Activists and Seekers.  Our platform enables all types to express grief in their way.  To read more, click here 

Accepting Loss


Grief without denial is an important aspect of healthy grieving and emotional health.  It's often easier said than done because grief can be complicated and in today's current Covid-19 environment, everyone is grieving the loss or "death" of something whether they know it or not.  This is a good read and reminder for us all.  To read click here.  

Online Event Planning


Improving upon traditional streaming services, we designed a platform that meets everyone’s needs.  The funeral home, the family of the deceased and those who cannot attend the funeral in person, who will be present online instead.  Grieving adds specific qualities to an online event important to build around. We provide an opportunity for mourners to grieve in a connected and sensitive fashion despite technology’s traditional hands off approach.

We Are Here For You


We ensure your online streaming matches the quality of all your services 


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