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Our Story

The vision for Mourn With Us came about a year and half year ago after my Mom died, and during the days leading up to her funeral.  There were members of our family that could not be with us because of work and or financial constraints. I had silently wished that something like this was there for us.  My Mom was one of the first to get cancer and do her journey with it. She was also one of the first ones in our community to pass away. 


In the year and half since she passed away, several others’ parents in our community have also died. Some are people who I have known since college, high school, and even elementary school.  These are people who were friends with my Mom, who came to her viewings. Some were her friends, some were their children, many are also my friends. The harsh Canadian winter, the bad weather, the icy, snowy roads, and the stress of the season in December and January made the one hour commute, two hours going there and back, to be with all of these people as they bade farewell to their loved ones, very challenging. Again, I silently wished there was another way to be there.  After talking with many others, it became clear how many others felt this way. 


During my Mom’s viewing, we used Facebook live to patch in with other family members who could be with us. It was great to do so briefly for one on one interacting. However, I found that I wasn't really in the head space to talk, especially when there were so many people around who wanted to see and speak with me on that day.  That day was a blur.   


Realizing that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, I got together with my cousins and a few friends who also happen to be colleagues, Mourn With Us came to be.  All of a sudden we found ourselves having to think about death and planning a funeral in the Covid-19 environment.  All of us have been touched by death and loss and how it feels.  In the environment we are living in now, some of us are much closer to it.  Some of us are facing it head on with urgency. Our collective experiences of love and loss, the sudden change in our daily environments and our combined ability to create Mourn with Us have led us to be here now. 


This is a service born out of love, created out of love and growing with love.  Thank you Mom. I love you. We love you. Always.




Our Vision


The vision for Mourn With Us is to create a live, real time online experience for those who are mourning remotely with those who are physically present in the room during the time of a wake or viewing.  It is important to us that we create as inclusive of an experience as possible for both those who are present in one location and for those who are present online.


Technology can often be cold, unsympathetic and robotic.  It is our passion to find the balance among respecting and honoring our humanity while using technology. Our vision is to use our platform to unite people in their moment of grief so that they can be one with themselves and with each other.  Contact us now to watch a demo.  

Your Facilities


We provide the online viewing platform and you provide the facility we conduct the viewing from.  Our goal is to create an online funeral viewing that feels as solemn or as joyful as your clients' needs are, while consistently being respectful and mindful to what is being provided to the family of the deceased present at the funeral home by you and your staff.  We are Here For you.

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