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For Individuals


Are you holding a live or online celebration of life? A private remembrance or your own customized ceremony online or live or both? Are you dealing with a Covid-19 death and seek a safe preventative alternative to grieve and/or appreciate with your family and friends?  


We have a platform to stream any of those events online with. Together with you, we can create an online real time experience that is personal and meaningful to both the family of the deceased and to those who will mourn with them online, while making it simple and easy for all to participate and be invited to join.  We designed a platform to be supportive to a family at the very moment they are saying goodbye to their loved one.  A platform that although is online, still achieves the ability for a family to see and feel they are not alone in realtime during the moment of goodbye.

Find out who we are in the About section of our website and find out how we are Here For You .  Go directly to Covid-19 Prevention to get specific information or go to our Services page to see the different offerings we have to assist you.  

For Funeral Homes

Are you being inundated with clients because of the Covid-19 contagion?  Do you need addtional, alternative ways to serve your clients right now?  

If you would like to combine our platform with your current online real time OR if you are looking to add online streaming and combine it with our platform, we can make it happen easily.


Using our platform, we create online, real time experiences that first and foremost honor the emotional needs of the family of the deceased as their are grieving.  We do this online in an inclusive, interactive, supportive way for both the family of the deceased and for those who will join them online in a real-time stream, connecting both sides to each other in a way that the family of the deceased knows they are not alone in the moment the family of deceased is saying goodbye.

Read our story of who we are in the About section of our website and find out how we are Here For YouContact Us to find out more about Covid-19 Prevention.

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